Mascara Melt-Off Review

In my last big Too Faced haul, I had purchased their Mascara Melt-Off as I always seem to have trouble getting all the mascara off my lashes. After having dinner with my father-in-law in San Francisco (if you’re ever in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, highly recommend Beso), it was time to take off my full face of makeup. First thing’s first – get rid of the mascara. Per the instructions, you’re supposed to coat your lashes with this conditioner and leave in for 60 seconds. The applicator looks like a traditional mascara wand, with way shorter bristles.

All in all, I think the product works really well. Even better if you wipe off the mascara with a makeup wipe (which Too Faced suggests in the instructions, too). I do, however, feel like if you leave it in for more than 60 seconds, you’ll be better off. I still had a little mascara on my lashes this morning.

All in all, I am loving this product and will continue using! ­čśÇ

Have you used the Mascara Melt-Off by Too Faced? If not, what’s your way of removing all your mascara? Leave a comment below.

Update: Letting the conditioner sit on my lashes for 2 minutes worked better. Still use a makeup wipe to remove it all. 

2016-06-20 22.54.09_cropped.jpg


Solid BeautyCleanser Review

So, I gave it a whirl. I tried the Solid BeautyCleanser that I purchased from Sephora a couple weeks ago on my beauty┬áblenders. The product is actually really cool and smells nice, so I wanted to write up a little review about it for you all. First, here’s a before and after photo.

As you can see, my beauty blender looked horrendous. I think I had only cleaned it one time prior. Afterwards, however, it looks brand spanking new. As for the beautycleanser itself, it’s a great product. The soap formula really works to break up all that makeup on the sponge and it comes off with ease. Prior to actually cleaning my sponges, I watched the video showing how to use the solid beautycleanser and it offered a couple tips and tricks on how to clean it.2016-05-08 18.33.29
The suggestion of tapping your beauty blender onto the pink silicone pad didn’t work well for me. I got better results from rubbing the beauty blender on the silicone pad as it got more of the makeup off quicker. It took me about a half hour to clean both my sponges, which isn’t horrible. I have yet to use it on brushes, but plan on doing so this weekend since I am reorganizing my makeup caddy.

Do you use the beautycleanser? If not, what product do you use and have found successful?

Have a happy weekend!